What is "Anyone Can Fix It?"

Anyone Can Fix It was developed with the idea that there are plenty of things that break around us...refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, etc.  A lot of times there is a fix that anyone can do to repair the item....we provide that fix with detailed instructions and extensive photos of the repair procedure.  The idea is that with these instructions anyone can fix it.  We ultimately judge instructions and fixes on the basis that the details in the pictures and instructions will allow anyone to make the repair.  The end results, you save money (from going out and buying another item) and you save the environment (keeping the item from being tossed into the trash).  And hopefully, you'll feel a bit of pride knowing that you did it yourself.

If any of these repair instructions don't help you get your device fixed, we'll refund your payment...they are all money back guaranteed!




















Find your Fix (Please Read the Legal Disclaimer)
Click on the fixes above.  Read through the description of the problem and if it describes what you are experiencing, then simply make the contribution (either PayPal or send your payment to the address provided) to receive access to the fix instructions.  If you submit your contribution via PayPal, you will be given a unique username and password within minutes to allow you to get your Fix right away.  If for some reason the fix doesn't solve your problem, you may contact us and discuss your problem...if we can't resolve it, you may request a refund*.

Not Sure if you can do it?

Here's a free one.  Take a look at the instructions to repair an electric pencil sharpener.  This is typical of how any of the instructions are put together...step by step with detailed pictures.

We always get comments on how easy a repair was with all the pictures and details...hopefully you too will feel the confidence and comfort working from any of these instructions.  The pencil sharpener instructions will give you an idea of what to expect.

Figure 1 -
Problematic Pencil Sharpener

Click here to go to the pencil sharpener fix.

Garage Door Opener - COMING SOON!
 - Won't open/close
 - Starts to close then switches to opening again before closing.

(Email me at  if you need these will accelerate the completion of these instructions)

Figure 17 - Garage Door Opener - Won't Open or Close, or Starts to Close then Reverses to Open.

Need Something Fixed?  Let me know and maybe I can come up with a fix.

Do you have something that is broke and suspect that it can be repaired but not sure where to turn to?  Send me an email at and I'll see if I can help.  Depending upon the product, I can sometimes have you ship the item in for the repair.  If it is repairable, then I'll give you a cut rate deal on the repair for the opportunity to fix  and document such a fix.  Sometimes I may be able to find a similar product around here and document a fix for you.  Just drop me a line and we can look into different approaches to help.


Have Your Own Fix - Post It Here and earn MONEY!
If you have a fix that would benefit others, here's the place to post it.  You will need to document the fix and it will have to meet our standards on clearness and completeness (detailed pictures are highly encouraged).  Once the instructions have met the standards set by this web site, it will be posted and the proceeds collected from people seeking your fix will be evenly split.  You also agree to answer any emails directed towards your fix (after all,  you become the expert on the repair once your instruction are posted).  We do all the accounting, username and password processing, web site hosting, and you will receive a monthly report of the access log and a monthly payment of the split.  If you are interested in this program, please contact

OTHER WEB SITES that inspired this one...



A Life Saver (Dryer Not Tumbling)...

Dear Duane,

I'm in communications ... and that's a business where if you're doing your job right, you DON'T hear back from people. But every once in a while, it's nice to get compliments, and I want to share one with you.

Yesterday, my dryer stopped tumbling. I am in the midst of potty-training my son, and let's just say this is not the time when you want your dryer to stop working. What's more, it was Memorial Day, so there was no one to call for an urgent repair. I googled the problem, ran across your site, and voila --- step-by-step instructions! We got lucky and found an appliance store that was open and carried the part. The hardest part about the repair was getting the screws off the front of our dryer, but we had it back up and running in less than 45 minutes.

Not only did you save us from a very "messy" pile of laundry, but also the expense of a repairman! We got the problem fixed for under $40. Plus, my husband, who is ordinarily not one to take on a problem himself, got the credit. I'm thankful I found your site. And hopefully I won't need you very much in the future, but if something else breaks down, you can bet I'll be back.

Lauren - (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Ice Maker Repair - What this web site is all about...

WOW!!! Just wanted to say thanks! Our ice-maker stopped working this past weekend and my family learned real quick how much we need ice!
So after surfing the internet about the problem, I ran across your repair instructions. And just like everyone else, I was hesitant to pay for repair instructions when I wasn't even sure of the problem. But after seeing my exact refrigerator on your site and reading your ad, I thought what the hek, I'll give it a try before I call the repair man. So on the way home from work, I stopped by a Sears Parts store and purchased the Module/Motor assembly for $77. I know this was a little more expensive than your site, but I didn't want to wait on shipping. Now I'm not much of a handyman and the tools you said I needed are pretty much the extent of my entire tool collection. But from start to finish, it took me about 25 minutes to complete the job! It would of been much quicker but I couldn't disconnect the dang wire harness! I thought I was going to break it or pull the wires out. But finally I got the wire harness to separate. That was the only small problem I encountered. The rest was cake. I did the repair right before bed so I didn't get to hear the first batch of ice drop, but it was great to wake up this morning and look in our fridge and find a full bucket of ice!! Just wanted to say thanks! Your clear and precise instructions really saved me some cash.

Thanks again!
- (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Bose Lifestyle 20 Series Repair - CD repair....

Duane - THANK YOU! As I noted in my previous email, BOSE response to my stuck CD magazine was 'less than helpful'. Basically, I was told that since this is an older product, they no longer offer service and the only choice that I had was to pay $1,499 for a replacement unit. Spending $19.99 for your instructions seemed a bit more reasonable.

I have to tell you how much I enjoy your style of instruction. The pictures are clear (and exactly matched what I found as progressed) and the written instructions were precise (and sometimes quite humorous!). I sincerely appreciate the caveats that you added regarding the spring, face plate and door cover. I was able to 'disassemble' and repair my Bose unit within the 20 - 40 minute time alloted.

It is working perfectly and my husband was suitably impressed.

Please feel free to use this testimony on your website - I can't thank you enough!

Jamie Butler - your new biggest fan.
jameson_55@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Bose Lifestyle 20 Series Repair - both the display and CD repairs....

Hi Duane,
I first purchased your fix for the Bose Lifestyle 20 CD changer off eBay.  Then I purchased the display repair of the website. I just wanted to let you know that the fix for both went very smooth. I purchase the items mentioned from Radio Shack, followed the instructions, and the unit is now fully functional. I am very pleased with the ease of instructions and the detailed pictures. It made the repair a snap, even for a novice like me! Anyone that has a repair need, I will definitely recommend your site to get instructions
for repair.

Thanks a lot for having a complete detail oriented set of instructions available to make repairs easy, and affordable for the everyday Joe!

I wouldn’t mind at all if you used the comment on your website. As far as I am concerned, the cost for the instructions for someone to repair it themselves is well worth it. Way better than sending into Bose, and having to wait for it to come back. This was minimal downtime. So yeah, go ahead and use the comment. I hope it will inspire other people to purchase your product, as it is well worth it!!

Shane - shane@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


French Door (three door) Ice Maker Repair...
Hey Duane,
I fixed my Maytag french door fridge's ice maker with your instructions. Incredibly easy and straightforward.

I look forward to using your site again when I have repairs in the future.

Steven Rosenhaus -  (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Dark Picture on Television Repair...
I want to thank you a whole lot. I purchased your TV Brightness Fix for $4.99 and you saved my TV! I have a 13 year old Zenith and the screen had gone blue and looked really really dark. Your instructions plus a little time and help from my fiancée fixed it in just a few hours. I am really pleased with your instructions and will recommend you site to others who have problems, if you have a fix for it lol.

Alan -
 (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Overhead Console Repair...this is exactly how I like to hear  these instructions worked...
Thank you! $19.99 for the instructions plus $9.42 for the Torx key set, soldering iron, and solder. About 40 minutes and $29.41 to fix what would have cost A LOT more if I would have taken my Explorer to a shop to be repaired.

The instructions weren't that hard to follow. And I have never soldered before!

Again, thank you.

Gunnessa - lemon7@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)
Anchorage, Alaska


Ice Maker Repair...
Ordered the part from you and received it in timely fashion - thank you.  Installed the part and had ice in no time. We can't thank you enough for your help, which came at a much more reasonable price than any service company.

Thanks again,
Todd & Kathy Savenko - tsavenko@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Overhead Console Repair...
Thank you so much for the directions on how to fix my overhead console message center on my 2001 Ford F250. What was going to be a very expensive fix through Ford ending up taking about 30 minutes and the only cost was the solder.
The directions and illustrations were so easy to complete and follow. When I had a problem you were so prompt in calling me back. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge with consumers. I will keep your web site in my favorites!

Thanks again!

Georgie Stuart - (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Praise on the Ice Maker Repair...

The instructions were fantastic and worth every penny! I had the icemaker out and on the island in 10 minutes (I had a little trouble separating the electrical clip). Sure enough, I had the problem you described; only the gear wheel had not fallen off. Still, the spindle holding it had broken (what an incredibly poor design - the cynic in me says the design flaw was intentional). I have the part on order as I write this.

Bottom line.I'm glad I spent a little time "rummaging" thru Goggle. The whole experience was well worth my "token" investment. I love saving money!


Bill Thomas - Bthomas25@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Ice Maker Repair - Why wait? Do it yourself now...
My ice maker had not been working for almost three months when we finally decided to call around. One guy seemed like he didn’t want the job (four weeks went by since I had called him), and we couldn’t afford a service call, part, and labor fees. Somehow I came across your site, and thought, well, there’s nothing to lose. So I took the ice maker apart this past Sunday night (I finally had time to mess with it), and ordered the part from a local appliance store. The hardest part about taking the ice maker apart was trying to separate the wiring harness! Anyway, I took apart the motor assembly, and sure enough, that white plastic gear was cracked. It only took the appliance store about a day to get the part in (the part was a little pricier than you quoted, about $90 w/ tax). The guy there told me that someone else had called that day about the same problem that I had! So I started reassembling everything about 9pm that night. It took about 20- 30 minutes to get everything put together and back in the freezer (I was on the phone while doing it). Just to make sure it worked, I emptied the ice bucket of the bag of ice we bought. With fingers crossed, I went to bed. When I left for work the next morning (6am), I took a peek in the freezer. I cannot tell you how happy I was- we had ice!!

I just want to thank you (as does my husband) for the information that you made available- the illustrations, the step-by-step instructions, even the likely problem and part number for it! Your “booklet” was very thorough and easy to follow. The entire repair was very easy to do, and took a minimal amount of time. I probably would’ve paid double by hiring someone to do this very simple repair! I just wish I had found your site three months ago!

Thanks again!

Selina Gonzales -

Note - If Selina could have waited for the delivery of the part (worst case, about 3 days via USPS first class), she could have saved another $30 by ordering the part from this web site, but sometimes you get so excited to get the job done, you just want to get the part and complete the job...either way, you're saving lots of money!

Another Satisfied Customer...
Received the motor assembly and installed. The ice maker is doing its 'clunking', what a great sound! Your instructions worked like a charm and you have another satisfied customer Duane. Thanks and have a good day!!

John Murphy -

I have to say I was a little skeptical about buying your icemaker repair guide, however when I saw the exact picture of my refrigerator on your website I said, "What the heck, its $20.00 and he is guaranteeing that it will work." I did have to end up replacing the module.... I just heard the first set ice cubes drop.... music to the ears.

Thanks for your help.

Jon -  (remove NOSPAM for a valid email address)


Helping Fix Ice Makers in Canada too!
Thanks for the Ice Maker fix. I was one of the lucky 5% that did not have to get past Figure 1. The $23 CDN was well worth the saving difference from a $90 call out from the service guy. I'm sure future repairs will be necessary on this unit and now I have the complete fix required by the other 95% needing repairs.

Peter -

A Missed Opportunity on the Ice Maker Repair...
Due to a delay in processing Brent's username and password (if you don't promptly get your username, please email us), Brent went forward with fixing his icemaker by calling a repairman to make the repair...After having the repairman repair the icemaker and then getting to look at the instructions after the repairman fixed his ice maker, here' s what Brent had to say...

I glanced through your repair info and it turns out it was exactly what the repair man did. I had to pay him $220 for the service call, part and labor. I would have saved a lot of money using your website. Now that I know about your website, I'm going to use if for sure the next time something around the house breaks.


Brent -

Overhead Console Temperature/Compass Readout Repair
I used your Explorer Overhead Compass/Temp Display fix and it worked great.

Thanks, and great work.

Joel Trumble -

Overhead Console Temperature/Compass Readout Repair
Thanks for the information. I have been without the compass/temp system for over a year. I took it to a repair station and they said that they would get back to me with an estimate, they never did.

I didn't want to take the car to a ford dealer for they are very expensive.

Well your fix worked great. Got the job done quickly in less than an hour.  Before I reinstalled the unit onto the car, I hooked up the electrical to see if the unit worked. When the light came on, I gave a cheer. Now I can know what the temp is outside and in what direction I am going.


Steve -


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