Ice Maker Not Making Ice (for those with the Ice Bin on the Door)

  • There is a line of Whirlpool refrigerators that have a notorious problem in their ice makers.  These refrigerators may be labeled as other brands (like  Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Galaxy, Inglis, MayTag, Roper, and Admiral), but basically, it’s the type of refrigerator with the ice bin on the door as shown in Figure 1 and 2 below.

Figure 1 - Typical Refrigerators with Problematic Icemakers
(Whirlpool and KitchenAid are some of the brands)

These instructions are geared towards step by step instructions of the type of refrigerator with the Ice Bin on the door as shown in Figure 2 below.  These instruction will likely work with other ice makers having the same problem (stops making ice), though the instructions may not be step by step as illustrated, but the instructions will more than likely get you through the repair process just as successfully (if not, let me know and I’ll refund your payment).

For example, these instructions have worked on a 2003 KitchenAid Refrigerator Model # KSRG27FKWH04. 

Figure 2 - Whirlpool Conquest Refrigerator with Ice Bin on the Door

You should be able to find the model number of your refrigerator just inside the door (towards the top on the right-hand side). 

Figure 3 - Locating the Model Number

For example, if you have a Kenmore refrigerator, if your model number starts with a 106, 110, 562, 665, or 198, then your refrigerator was made by Whirlpool.  There may be other model numbers that start with different numbers on refrigerators made Whirlpool, but most likely, if it has the ice bin on the door, it's a Whirlpool.

There can be a possibility of a few different things that are typically wrong when these ice makers break...I cover all of these issues in the repair instructions...showing step by step, with detailed pictures how to fix each issue.

One issue covered in these repair instructions involves the replacement of the optical boards (or optic boards) within the freezer section. 

As these refrigerators get older, the optics boards are more likely to fail.  There is an optic board test that should tell you if your optical boards are the cause of your failing ice maker.  See the Optical Diagnostic procedure here:

(Click here for the Optical Diagnostic Procedure)

Another issue with these ice makers involves replacing a part within the ice maker.  The only tools needed for this repair of your ice maker are as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 - Tools for Ice Maker Repair

From left to right in Figure 4, the tools needed for the repair of your ice maker are a 1/4" socket (doesn't have to be like the one shown, but can be something like a nut driver), a phillips screwdriver, and while not necessary, you may find it helpful to have a screwdriver.

Depending upon your ice maker issue, you will most likely need to purchase a part.  Within the instructions, I will show you how to order your part (based on your model number of your refrigerator).  The part is typically about $70 (I show you how to get the part for $61.50 within the instructions).  Keep this in mind as you figure your total cost to fix your refrigerator.  You should be able to save yourself over $150 for the repair (and have the satisfaction of fixing it yourself).   To repair this issue with the ice maker was quoted by our local Sears repair department to cost $230.  You should be able to do it for under $90.

Time For Repair:
Mechanically Inclined - 15 minutes
First Timer - 45 minutes

This is a low challenge repair...anyone with the ability to use the tools shown in Figure 4 and with the instructions should be able to repair their ice maker.

Cost to do it yourself (if you already have the tools):  About $81.49 ($61.50 for the part + $19.99 for the instructions).

Cost to Repair by Repairman:  $230 as quoted by Sears Repair.

Savings: $148.51

$19.99 for the Repair Instructions for the Ice Maker with Ice Bin on the Door
(Guaranteed to help you easily fix your ice maker, with detailed step-by-step illustrated pictures, or your money back!)

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What People are Saying about this Repair:


Save a Service Call; Save some Money...

l want to thank you for all your help. I received the motor assembly, my son installed it in the freezer and it is now cheerfully making ice for me again. Without your website and instructions, I would probably still be waiting for the repairman to show up and end up paying much more than this repair has cost me. Thanks again for your website, instructions and help to find the problem.

I have told my coworkers about it, I am so impressed that it is out there making ice for me again and I didn't have to pay for a service call.

Nancy - prplpig@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Ice Maker Repair - What this web site is all about...

WOW!!! Just wanted to say thanks! Our ice-maker stopped working this past weekend and my family learned real quick how much we need ice!
So after surfing the internet about the problem, I ran across your repair instructions. And just like everyone else, I was hesitant to pay for repair instructions when I wasn't even sure of the problem. But after seeing my exact refrigerator on your site and reading your ad, I thought what the hek, I'll give it a try before I call the repair man. So on the way home from work, I stopped by a Sears Parts store and purchased the Module/Motor assembly for $77. I know this was a little more expensive than your site, but I didn't want to wait on shipping. Now I'm not much of a handyman and the tools you said I needed are pretty much the extent of my entire tool collection. But from start to finish, it took me about 25 minutes to complete the job! It would of been much quicker but I couldn't disconnect the dang wire harness! I thought I was going to break it or pull the wires out. But finally I got the wire harness to separate. That was the only small problem I encountered. The rest was cake. I did the repair right before bed so I didn't get to hear the first batch of ice drop, but it was great to wake up this morning and look in our fridge and find a full bucket of ice!! Just wanted to say thanks! Your clear and precise instructions really saved me some cash.

Thanks again!
Gib. - gilbert.m.perez@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Save A Service Call and the cost...
My Kenmore side by side stopped making ice. I called the Sears Tech line and was only able to make an appointment for a repair visit, $74.00 just to show up, any work on the appliance or parts was extra. I searched the Internet at length for possible how-to repair sites and was fortunate to find yours. I purchased your on-line troubleshooting guide and used it to diagnose the problem. I ordered the repair part from your company and it arrived a short two or three days later. I installed the part and now I have ice. Thank you so much for your service. I only wish there were more out there like yours.

Jim McCarthy -  (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

When Someone Locally Ordered a part for their Ice Maker Repair...
Dear Mr. Harrison,

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and website! I was so surprised and thankful that because we live in the same town you personally delivered the part to me! In this day of computers an online ordering that is a rare thing. In addition to your clear concise details regarding the repair. As I explained to you I had the ice maker out of my freezer in literally 5 minutes and taken apart in another 5. As soon as you delievered the part to me I had it exchanged and back in the freezer within 10 minutes. Within a few hours the first ice cube hit the catcher! Thank you very much!
What a great website and what excellent service! I would highly recommend your website to everyone. Thank you again.


Timothy J. Finn - tfinnpa@ (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

I personally delivered Tim's part order to him within 24 hours of him placing the order since he lived just minutes away from me.  Tim was surprised to see the actual person responsible for this web site to be delivering his part.  He had told me that his father-in-law in Virginia told him about the web site and that one of his coworkers had used the site.  Word of mouth is the best type of referral.  ~Duane Harrison


Savings Calculated on the Ice Maker Repair...
I received the motor assembly today and installed it quickly with no issues.  I just heard the ice clunking a few minutes ago which was music to my ears.  I was about to pay someone $275 to come and fix the ice maker.

Thank you very much for saving me $193.51.

Osama Elsafadi - (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)


Ice Maker Repair...
Ordered the part from you and received it in timely fashion - thank you.  Installed the part and had ice in no time. We can't thank you enough for your help, which came at a much more reasonable price than any service company.

Thanks again,
Todd & Kathy Savenko - tsavenko@NOSPAM (remove NOSPAM for valid email address)

Ice Maker Repair - Why wait? Do it yourself now...
My ice maker had not been working for almost three months when we finally decided to call around. One guy seemed like he didn’t want the job (four weeks went by since I had called him), and we couldn’t afford a service call, part, and labor fees. Somehow I came across your site, and thought, well, there’s nothing to lose. So I took the ice maker apart this past Sunday night (I finally had time to mess with it), and ordered the part from a local appliance store. The hardest part about taking the ice maker apart was trying to separate the wiring harness! Anyway, I took apart the motor assembly, and sure enough, that white plastic gear was cracked. It only took the appliance store about a day to get the part in (the part was a little pricier than you quoted, about $90 w/ tax). The guy there told me that someone else had called that day about the same problem that I had! So I started reassembling everything about 9pm that night. It took about 20- 30 minutes to get everything put together and back in the freezer (I was on the phone while doing it). Just to make sure it worked, I emptied the ice bucket of the bag of ice we bought. With fingers crossed, I went to bed. When I left for work the next morning (6am), I took a peek in the freezer. I cannot tell you how happy I was- we had ice!!

I just want to thank you (as does my husband) for the information that you made available- the illustrations, the step-by-step instructions, even the likely problem and part number for it! Your “booklet” was very thorough and easy to follow. The entire repair was very easy to do, and took a minimal amount of time. I probably would’ve paid double by hiring someone to do this very simple repair! I just wish I had found your site three months ago!

Thanks again!

Selina Gonzales -

Note - If Selina could have waited for the delivery of the part (worst case, about 3 days via USPS first class), she could have saved another $30 by ordering the part from this web site, but sometimes you get so excited to get the job done, you just want to get the part and complete the job...either way, you're saving lots of money!

Another Satisfied Customer...
Received the motor assembly and installed. The ice maker is doing its 'clunking', what a great sound! Your instructions worked like a charm and you have another satisfied customer Duane. Thanks and have a good day!!

John Murphy -

I have to say I was a little skeptical about buying your icemaker repair guide, however when I saw the exact picture of my refrigerator on your website I said, "What the heck, its $20.00 and he is guaranteeing that it will work." I did have to end up replacing the module.... I just heard the first set ice cubes drop.... music to the ears.

Thanks for your help.

Jon -  (remove NOSPAM for a valid email address)

Helping Fix Ice Makers in Canada too!
Thanks for the Ice Maker fix. I was one of the lucky 5% that did not have to get past Figure 1. The $23 CDN was well worth the saving difference from a $90 call out from the service guy. I'm sure future repairs will be necessary on this unit and now I have the complete fix required by the other 95% needing repairs.

Peter -

Ice Maker Repair
Thanks for the help. I had a broken tab on the gear shaft and noticed it a week ago, but the gear was in place and so I felt it still should work. I went through the debug sheet found in the refrigerator grill 3 times and could not find a problem. I could not get it to work because I removed the gear early on and did not know what position it should be in. When I saw your fix, I went to a nearby (20 miles) parts supplier and bought the assembly. The parts man knew exactly what I was talking about when I said that all that was broke was a 20 cent plastic part. He sold me his standard lifetime guarantee for $7.00 and said he would likely see me again in 3 - 4 years.

Your website is great and easy for me to follow. I left you feedback.




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